Enhance Your Eye Color With These Eye Shadows

If you want to put your best face forward, the best eye shadow for you depends on your eye color. The right hues will make your eyes stand out and turn heads. When choosing an eye shadow, choose colors that complement your eye color. These will be colors that are opposite your eye color on the color wheel. Complementary colors will contrast with your eye color to make your features stand out. For a more natural look, on the other hand, opt for colors that are closer to your eye color on the color wheel and neutral colors. 

Here are the best eye shadow colors for every eye color:

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are the most common eye shade and have many options to make them stunning. If you have brown eyes, try golden hues of eye shadow to make your eyes brighter. Many people with brown eyes have gold flecks in their eyes and gold-tinged eye shadows can bring out the golden undertones of the iris. Copper, bronze, and gold can give brown eyes more dimension and depth. Golden colors make your brown eyes appear more light and sparkly. 

For a more dramatic look, try contrasting shades like purple and blue. These deeper colors can give your eyes a richer, darker look. For daytime wear, go with lighter shades of purple or blue, and use darker colors for nights out. You can also create a striking smoky eye look by using deep purple and smudging black eye shadow in the outer corner of your eye. Finish your stunning aesthetic with some eyeliner and dark mascara for a head-turning night out. 

Blue Eyes

If you want to make your blue eyes pop, choose a complementary color that contrasts with blue. Warm colors like pink, red, and orange will make your blue eyes look even brighter. For a more dramatic look, blend some gold-tinged eye shadow in with your orange or pink base color. 

For a more natural look for blue eyes, try neutral matte eye shadows in shades like beige and brown. Take your skin tone into consideration and choose brown hues that reflect your natural skin undertones. If you have a cooler skin tone, opt for a taupe or ivory eye shadow. If you have warm undertones and blue eyes, choose pink or brown eye shadow shades such as mauve or beige. 

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are a combination of green and golden brown, and with so many hues in your natural eye color, you have a lot of colors that can complement your eyes. For a dramatic look that brings out the green in your hazel eyes, try eye shadows with red hues such as maroon, dark pink, or coral. Red is the opposite of green on the color wheel and red-tinged colors will make your hazel eyes appear greener. 

Purple is another good option for hazel eyes to make your eyes truly shine. Purple hues will complement the golden color of your eyes. Use lighter shades of purple like lilac for a daytime look and you can don darker purple shades such as violet or plum at night. Fuschia is another complementary eye shadow color for hazel eyes. 

If you want to create a more subtle look, go for neutral shades such as bronze, rose, taupe, and grey. You can also use neutral colors for your eye shadow base and then add a pop of color to the crease and outer corner with darker shades such as coal, black, or burgundy. 

Green Eyes

If you have green eyes, complementary eye shadow colors include red hues. Make your green eyes stand out by using dark pink, red, rose, or maroon eye makeup. Purple is another eye shadow color that can make your green eyes enchant. Go for shades of purple with red undertones such as maroon, burgundy, violet, and eggplant. Use lighter shades of red and purple for daytime looks and more intense hues for nighttime. 

For a more natural look, try rose gold, copper, bronze, and taupe eye shadows. For a smoky look for green eyes, use taupe or copper for your base and then blend a darker shade such as violet or plum in the crease and outer edges, and finish with eyeliner and dark mascara. 

Grey Eyes

Grey eyes are a mix of colors that usually includes blue, grey, green, and even some yellow. For grey eyes, try warm, brown, gold, and orange eye shadow colors to make your eyes pop. Yellow and orange are opposite grey-blue on the color wheel so palettes with these hues will make your eyes mesmerizing. Try peach, melon, coral, or copper for a daytime look. 

Grey eyes can pull off a metallic eye shadow for a striking appearance. Use a medium matte grey eye shadow and then charcoal or black at the outer corners of your eyes for a smoky effect. Add a silver shadow highlight to the brow bone and center eyelid area for a dramatic accent.  

Choosing the Best Eye Shadow for You

When it comes down to it, eye shadow is an experiment in color, and you can try different hues until you find the best ones that make your eyes enchanting. Keep in mind that you can blend and mix colors to achieve different shades and intensities and you can also choose hues based on the color you want to bring out most in your eyes. For instance, if you have hazel eyes and want to bring out the green, look at the best eye shadows for green eyes. If you have grey eyes and want to emphasize the blue in your eyes, try colors that are complementary to blue eyes. 

Eye Shadow Textures

Once you have chosen a complementary eye shadow palette for your eye color, you can play with different textures to highlight your eyes even more. Try glitter, shimmer, or metallic shadows to make your eyes truly captivating. Don’t forget to complete your look with mascara to accentuate your eyes. For a more dramatic look, also use eyeliner.

Using the best eye shadow hues for your eye color will create a striking aesthetic that draws attention to your natural beauty. By choosing complementary eye shadow colors and adapting your look for day or nighttime, you can create an alluring appearance that showcases the beauty of your eye color.

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