Eye Care Services

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Emergency Eye Care in Tulsa, OK

If something is wrong with your eyes, don’t wait to get help. At One Vision, we offer emergency eye care services in Tulsa, OK. When an emergency strikes, we’ll be there to help you care for your eyes. While many eye emergencies exist, we often treat pink and red eye as well as foreign objects in the eyes.

Common Eye Emergencies

Pink eye is a condition where the white of your eye appears to be pink and you often have discharge coming from the eye. This condition is very contagious and uncomfortable, so if you suspect you have it, come get emergency eye care. Red eyes can also be an indication of other conditions, and the sooner you get them treated the better.

Sometimes, foreign objects can enter the eye and either damage it or get stuck. Because your eye is a delicate and important organ, you need to be careful when attempting to remove anything from it. Our doctors and other medical practitioners are trained on foreign object removal, and we can safely remove any object.

In an Emergency

If you ever suspect that there is something wrong with your eyes or vision, visit One Vision in Tulsa, OK. We have a team of highly experienced medical professionals and doctors who can take care of any emergency you have to minimize or avoid any long-lasting damage. Call us at (918) 286-2020 if you need emergency eye care.

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