What Do The Different Colored Evil Eyes Mean?

By Dr. Hernandez | June 23, 2022

The blue-colored evil eye charm is one of the most recognizable talismans around the world, and it has only grown in popularity over the years.  Originating in Turkey, the talisman can be found in various forms such as pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and a variety of other accessories. It is believed to provide the wearer…

The Future of Smart Glasses

By Dr. Hernandez | June 9, 2022

Smart glasses, a wearable tech, have the potential to become as common as smartphones. Naturally, consumers are excited about the technology. The recent 2021 release of Facebook-supported Ray-Ban smart glasses has further piqued the public’s curiosity. You might be wondering what the buzz is about and if you should get your hands on a pair…

Top Gun: Maverick Sale

By Dr. Hernandez | May 26, 2022

Top Gun: Maverick hits theaters Friday, May 27th, so what better way to celebrate the high-flying return than with a sale on Aviator sunglasses? Through Sunday, May 29th, save 40% on all Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses. Swing by the store or visit our ONLINE SHOP to check out our selection.

Why Does Your Eyelid Twitch

By Dr. Hernandez | May 26, 2022

            A twitching eyelid, or an eye spasm, happens involuntary and can be caused by multiple factors. Your eyelid may completely close or suddenly jolt, causing slight discomfort and annoyance. There are three common types of eyelid spasms: the eyelid twitch, which behaves like a tic, essential blepharospasm, and hemifacial spasm. Once you identify the spasm…

Ultimate Guide to Flash Burns

By Dr. Hernandez | May 12, 2022

What is a Flash Burn A flash burn is basically a sunburn to the cornea. The cornea is one of the few parts of the eye that tries to absorb all of the UV light that the eye gets exposed to. When there is too much of it then you get an extremely red and…

Pros and Cons to Vuity Eye Drops

By Dr. Hernandez | April 19, 2022

Today I want to talk about a new drop on the market to help people that need reading glasses. The drop is made by Allergan and is called Vuity. What is Vuity? What this drop is is a very low dose of pilocarpine. Now pilocarpine is an old drop. It first showed up being used…

Star Wars Day at One Vision 2022

By Dr. Hernandez | April 16, 2022

May the force be with you! One Vision is bringing a galaxy far, far away to Broken Arrow for Star Wars day. We’re celebrating with a sale on sunglasses, giveaways, snacks, and most importantly, a meet and greet and photo op with some of your favorite Star Wars characters! Come by on Saturday, May 7th…

LASIK Eye Surgery the Pros and Cons

By Dr. Hernandez | November 15, 2021

                Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, or LASIK eye surgery as it’s typically known, is a commonplace surgical procedure done to correct vision. If you require glasses or contacts to see, your optometrist has probably mentioned LASIK to you before. So, what is it actually? Let’s look at what LASIK eye surgery is, and some…

Diabetic Retinopathy and What You Need to Know

By Dr. Hernandez | November 1, 2021

Most people know that Diabetes is a condition that interferes with the blood sugar. Diabetes will make it hard for the body to use and store this sugar. Over time Diabetes can weaken and change the small blood vessels in the eyes. These small blood vessels are in charge of nourishing the retina in the…

Your Ultimate Guide to Pink Eye

By Dr. Hernandez | August 2, 2021

Think you have the infamous PINK EYE? This is the ultimate guide to pink eye or viral conjunctivitis. We will talk about the symptoms of pink eye, the causes of pink, and home remedies for pink eye. Is pink eye an emergency eye care need? So, without further fan fair let’s jump right into the…