The Wonderful World of Coach Eyeglass Frames

Coach eyeglass frames are one of the most recognizable American heritage fashion brands. The company that began in 1941 as a family-run business in Manhattan started by six talented leathers craft-mans, focusing on small leather goods, has continued to grow over the last 80 years. Coach has gained an international following and recognition, expanding into every area of the fashion industry. The brand has long graced the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and it is viewed as one of the staple brands in the ‘Preppy’ American style. Coach is instantly recognizable for its signature jacquard “C” monogram print which is featured on their entire product range. Ad campaigns for the brand featuring celebrities such as Grace Moretz, Jennifer Lopez, and Michael B. Jordan has helped rejuvenate Coach as a brand and introduced it to street-style market.

While the brand is most known for its classic top-handled satchels and crossbody bags, Coach first began designing eyeglasses under the leadership of Bonnie Cashin in the 1960’s. This was before the brand introduced its own full eyeglasses range in the early 2000’s. The eyeglasses range aims to blend modern sophistication and trends with the timeless New York style that has been synonymous with the brand since its inception. 

Into the World of Coach Glasses

The brand’s eyeglasses range aims to bring a touch of effortless New York glamour to everyday life.  Coach’s frames have been produced by Luxottica since 2012, the brand behind practically every pair of recognizable major designer eyeglasses. This means that Coach eyeglasses are a great way to invest in a high-quality pair of designer frames without breaking the bank. The materials used in Coach sunglasses are some of the highest quality in the eyeglasses industry, with most of their frames made using acetate, one of the strongest and most durable materials used in manufacturing eyeglasses and frames. With this high-quality material, your Coach eyeglasses are more resistant against the daily wear and tear that occurs with frames, meaning they are less likely to break during use. 

Both the eyeglasses and sunglasses frames that Coach sells are classic with a modern twist, meaning you have an accessory that will last you season upon season while maintaining the effortless glamour that has been a hallmark of the American heritage brand for decades. Their styles are flattering for practically any face shape. Plus, their frames come in a variety of colors such as tortoise, beige and berry tones, meaning you are certain to find a style and color that works with your skin tone and complexion. With their extensive range of frames, you are guaranteed to find something that fits both your personal style and your face shape. 

Coach Eyeglass Frames Styles Range

Coach’s eyeglasses range from the always classic cat-eye frames, to the out-of-the-box and modern wide framed hexagon design frames, with trendy aviators and round glasses providing a retro style. There is truly something in their eyeglasses range for everyone. The frames all include Coach’s classic signature ‘C’ logo in an understated style. This style suits the sleek, put-together look that the brand embodies as a whole. It also remains true to the tradition of the famous 19th century inspired horse and cart logo. This logo has been represented by the brand since the 1950’s. The classic, vintage inspired, eyeglasses and frames make them a great investment to add to your accessory wardrobe. The style allows you to wear them with virtually any outfit, for any occasion. 

The brand’s most popular eyeglasses styles include timeless silhouettes. This is the full rim cat-eye frames that were made famous by Hollywood movies in the 1970’s. These are a great choice for people with round faces. This is because they draw attention to the upper half of your face. For the more statement loving among us, Coach has not been afraid to jump on the ombre trend. This includes ombre tortoise print to give a pop of color to your everyday essential eyeglasses. Coach has recently branched out to mixing metals with their eyeglasses and frames. Achieved with their rectangular and thin metal contrasting frames offering a minimalistic style. 

Coach’s eyeglasses range focuses on sleek shapes and modern styling. Their curated collection of classic eyeglasses and frames are perfect for anyone of any age. Also, their enduring quality means they will last you for years, without becoming dated or wearing over time. Coach has a reputation, from its foundation in leather goods, of producing the highest quality products.

Coach Adds Celebrities to the Frame Marketing

It’s clear that Coach’s eyeglasses and frames work for those with a vintage inspired look. They also work for those who like to experiment with fashion and make a statement with their accessories. Coach is one of the most famous American heritage brands. By purchasing a pair of eyeglasses they come with guaranteed quality and style. Their eyeglasses and frames are a favorite of celebrities such as actress Jessica Biel. This guarantees you will be in good company when wearing a pair of Coach eyeglasses. 

Coach Eyeglass Frames Adds Accessories

Coach eyeglass frames manufacturer also now sells accessories to go along with their signature classic eyeglasses and frames. The vintage leather eyeglasses case also protects your designer frames from being scratched in your bag. The case also doubles as a cute bag charm on your handbag. When you purchase a pair of Coach eyeglasses or frames, you will receive them in a protective hardshell case with a microfibre cleaning cloth, both in the signature Coach monogram. Upgrading the eyeglasses case to any of the leather ones sold by Coach directly can elevate your style. It will also add a little luxury touch to your daily life. 

Coach eyeglasses are the perfect designer frames for someone looking for a classic pair of high-quality eyeglasses that embody a chic and timeless understated elegance. That is what makes them adaptable to wear in everyday settings, as well as on special occasions. The brand’s focus on attainable luxury puts it at the perfect price point for anyone wanting to invest in eyeglasses without paying a pretty penny. This while being guaranteed of receiving a product that is both stylish and durable. 

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