Chloe Eyeglass Frames; the Ultimate in Chic

Chloe eyeglass frames were established by Gabriella Abgion in 1952 and has been defined by its feminine, romantic, and glamorous styles ever since. It was at Chloe that legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld originally came to prominence in the fashion industry as the brand’s sole designer during the 1970s, with collections focused on feminine and carefree romanticism. When Karl Lagerfeld departed in the 1980s to focus on his work at Chanel and was replaced by Martine Sitbon who played on the feminine style and incorporated historical menswear into her collections. Lagerfeld returned in 1992 and began to incorporate cultural references into the feminine and romantic aesthetic of the brand. Stella McCartney joined the brand in 1997 as the fashion house’s youngest recruit as Creative Director, and during her tenure, the brand embraced a sexier attitude that was both feminine and streetwise. 

During the early 2000s, the fashion house began to focus on accessories and created the ‘See by Chloe’ sister line which focuses on accessories at a more affordable price point. In 2005, under Phoebe Philo’s guidance, Chloe created its first iconic accessory, the Paddington bag, which became one of the original ‘it-bags’ of the early 2000s, with thousands of the bags selling before it even hit stores. When Hannah MacGibbon became Chloé’s Creative Director in 2008, she brought a polished and sophisticated focus to the brand that was reminiscent of its 1970s era. After the brand’s 60th anniversary, they continued to focus on the 1970s era, which was met by critical and commercial acclaim. While the brand has experienced ebbs and flows in popularity, it is a Parisian brand that will never go out of style, making it a great fashion house to invest in when buying accessories. 

Chloe Eyeglass Under New Direction

Chloe eyeglass frames are now under the leadership of Natasha Ramsay-Levi as Creative Director, who previously worked at both Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga, and she aims to keep the brand true to its heritage and mission to give women “the freedom to dare to be themselves”. Under Ramsay-Levi’s leadership, the brand is branching out and has released its first street-wear piece with their ‘Sonnie Sneaker’. 

The Chloe eyeglass frames are considered to be one of the chicest of feminine luxury brands, with a youthful and modern feel while still remaining true to its heritage as a French fashion house. The brand has a large list of celebrity clientele including Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence, Chrissy Teigen and Sienna Miller, and the brand is considered to be experiencing something of a revival in recent years thanks to the popularity of the ‘Lauren’ shoes and their recent ‘Drew’ and ‘Faye’ bags which quickly became it-bags for the company. Chloé’s legendary heritage as a luxury brand links it to old Hollywood icons such as Princess Grace of Monaco and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Their eyewear and sunglasses range was manufactured from 2012 by Marchon Eyewear, until this June when Chloé announced that its eyewear range was going to be manufactured by luxury eyewear specialists Kering Eyewear, who oversees the eyewear collections of other brands of the Richmond conglomerate, such as Cartier. The first Kering Eyewear developed range will be launch in October for Spring/Summer 2021, with a distribution date of January 2021. Chloé’s sunglasses range is being expanded to include a ‘mini-me’ collection for young girls to match with the women’s eyewear range. 

Chloe Iconic Sunglasses

Chloe eyeglass frames have several iconic sunglasses designs, including the Carlina and Poppy sunglasses. The round style of the Carlina sunglasses has been reimagined with a halo design and gradient pink and brown lenses. The ‘Carlina’ style perfectly encapsulates the contemporary French style with a modern twist while remaining feminine that is synonymous with the Chloé brand. The ‘Poppy’ style is oversized frames, with a notable gap between the lens and the top of the outer frame, which has been adapted in diamond and octagonal shaped frames. With gradient lenses, these metal sunglasses embody all the current eyewear trends. The most popular prescription eyewear designs by Chloe heavily feature the octagon shape, which is most flattering when worn by those with the oval face shape. 

The Chloé brand is popular with social media influencers and celebrities alike, and their eyewear range has been spotted on everyone from country singer Kacey Musgraves, socialite Olivia Palermo, and French-Canadian singer Celine Dion. The brand’s heritage in design and fashion culture guarantees that you will be in good company while wearing a pair of Chloe’s 

Minimalistic Yet Feminine

The brand’s eyewear range is minimalistic while still being both fashion-forward and feminine. Their prescription glasses range comes in a similarly extensive collection as their sunglasses, even with a pair of heart-shaped oval glasses for the retro lover, and this ‘Rosie’ style is also available as sunglasses. The range of eyewear is extensive in shape, size and style, with something to suit every face shape, complexion and personal style. Their re-imagination of classic styles such as their ‘Dree’ sunglasses, which modernise the over-sized cat-eye style, 

All Chloé sunglasses come with a hardshell case, linen soft pouch for travelling and a lens cloth. The eyewear range all features the signature Chloé lol engraved on the top of the left temple of the frames and hot-stamped in gold. True to its French heritage, Chloé sells a collection of eyewear accessories ranging from statement brass gold statement chains and silk and brass eyewear scarves that double as a chic accessory. You can fully embrace the French Rivera and 1970s vintage chic by adding one of Chloe’s eyewear accessories. 

If you are looking to invest in a pair of luxury sunglasses or in a line of eyewear, Chloé eyewear makes a great investment piece for anyone who wants to embrace the Parisian feminine style with a 1970s retro feel that is as timeless as the brand itself.

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