Best Contacts in 2021

As an Eye Doctor in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, I fit and talk to hundreds of people every month about contact lenses. The question of “What kind of contacts should I get” comes up every week. Today, I am going to decode some of the differences of the different brands of contact lenses along with other…

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5 Best Sunglass Brands in 2021

Best Sunglasses

Summer is here and I thought it would be a good time to talk about the 5 best sunglass brands in 2021. Now, before I get too carried away this is my opinion, but it is based on facts. The facts of what brands are selling best in the Broken Arrow, OK, Tulsa, OK, and…

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Firework Eye Safety Facts and Figures

The stats are very clear: fireworks if used improperly are unsafe and July 4 is a particularly dangerous time for eye injuries. In the U.S., according to the most recent annual fireworks injury survey by the Consumer Product Protection Commission fireworks resulted in five deaths and 9,100 injuries in 2018. Between mid-June and mid-July, nearly…

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Ray-Ban Sunglass Giveaway

It’s national sunglass day this month, and you can enter to win a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses from One Vision Eye Care! Here’s the details: Like us on Facebook here. Like, comment on, and share our pinned giveaway post by Friday, June 25th. The winner will be drawn on Saturday, June 26th and contacted via…

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The First Signs of Cataracts

What will I see first? That is a question I get asked every day by patients when I talk about cataracts. The patient always wants to know what are the first signs of cataracts. We talk about treatment options. We will talk about surgery. Sometimes we even talk about cataracts in dogs and what their…

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What Does an Eye Exam Consist Of?

eye exam consist of

What does an eye exam consist of or what is a routine eye exam is what we will discuss here. I will dive into what diseases can be detected during an eye exam. Along with other common questions like what not to do before an eye exam. This is a topic that was discussed quite…

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Top 8 Things You Can Do for Happy Healthy Eyes Now

Healthy Vision

May is Healthy Vision month, so I decided to give you a top 8list of things you can do for happy healthy eyes now. Obviously there are more than 8 things you can do, but these are my top 8list of things you can do in no particular order. Plus my reasons why these are…

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How to Get Rid of a Stye Overnight

Get Rid of A Stye

A lot of things can cause a stye, and some are completely in your control. In this article, I am going to cover things you can do to help prevent styes and at the end I’ll give you my tip on how to get rid of a stye overnight. Why do we get styes? We…

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Sports Eye Safety; How Sports Could Compromise Your Vision

Overview of sports eye safety Every year, the emergency departments across the United States receives around 30,000 cases of sports-related eye injuries.  Athletes are susceptible to vision problems that could drive them away from the game for a long time, and in some cases, lead to irreversible damage. One of the reasons that explains the…

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Your Eye Safety and The Most Used Household Chemicals

Chemical in eye

Every year, thousands of eye injuries get received by emergency departments after exposure to household chemicals. That is why eye safety around chemicals is the topic of this post and how to respond to a chemical in eye scenario. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), hospitals receive 125,000 eye injuries each year related…

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