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Bifocal Contact Lens Options

By Dr. Hernandez | January 30, 2020

I hope you are having a great day. Today I wanted to talk about contact lenses and mainly about bifocal contact lens options. I get asked every day during eye exams about bifocal contact lenses. When you reach that magical age (40-45 typically) when you have presbyopia, or need bifocals, you still have options to…

Costa Sunglasses

Costa Sunglasses are the Millennial Sunglass

By Dr. Hernandez | January 15, 2020

Costa, also known as Costa Del Mar, is an American eyewear brand based in Florida that was founded in 1983 and is owned by the French company Essilor, who is a world leader in producing eyewear lenses. Their polarized sunglasses are made in the United States. The frames are targeted at the sports market, particularly…

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New Eye Doctor Laws for Oklahoma

By Dr. Hernandez | January 5, 2020

Hello Tulsa and Broken Arrow. I hope everyone is enjoying the rain. Today I wanted to talk a little about the recent legislature around eye care here in Oklahoma. As a result, most eye doctors have been asked more legislative questions during eye exams in Broken Arrow and beyond over the last year than they…

Best Eye Doctor In Network with SoonerCare Insurance

By Dr. Hernandez | December 15, 2019

As an eye doctor in network with SoonerCare Insurance in Broken Arrow, I have to be familiar with all the rules or guidelines that apply. I will discuss some of those rules in this article. Now, please understand that SoonerCare could change those rules tomorrow, but here is information about SoonerCare in the current environment…