Catuma Frames Are Not Afraid to Push the Envelope

Catuma is an Italian eyeglasses and sunglasses range which was established in 2014 and is inspired by the art movement. The brand takes natural materials and incorporates them into wearable pieces of art. Catuma is focused on combining high-quality craftsmanship with environmental sustainability in all of its eyewear range. They have had international success and have positioned themselves as a luxury independent designer of eyewear, with the brand growing exponentially in 2018.

The brand focuses on its Italian heritage and brings passion to its style and craftsmanship with their contemporary designs. Catuma’s eyewear range has seven collections, the Aplomb, Architecture, Custom, Frequency, Shadows, Surrealist and their Special Edition range. Their eyewear is made in Pugali, which is one of the famous regions of Italy, and they sell both optical eyewear and sunglasses. 

Catuma’s ‘Aplomb’ collection takes classic eyewear shapes and adds exterior design elements using metal and colours glass. The range includes timeless styles from round sunglasses, cat-eye sunglasses and tinted gradient circular lenses. The collection includes something to suit every face shape and complexion, with both silver and gold hardware available. The ‘North East’ style is a modern twist on the classic round sunglasses style by adding a multi-coloured temple bar to the frames, the colour schemes range from earthy purples and greens through to sunrise tinted yellows and pinks. The ‘North West’ sunglasses are a minimalistic take on the aviator style by adding a metal temple bar and small pieces of coloured glass to the exterior frames, perfect for those who want to add a little something extra to their favourite go-to style of sunglasses. Also in the ‘Aplomb’ range are the ‘South’ sunglasses, a hybrid between cat-eye and butterfly sunglasses, this style plays on the nature motif with a metal top bar with gradient colouring that gives the illusion of wings.

This animal-inspired motif follows through to the optical eyewear line in the ‘Aplomb’ range, with the slim metal frames of the round ‘Sud-est Col’ model being accented by the wing motif. This motif is most obvious in the vintage-inspired cat-eye ‘Ovest’ style and the butterfly ‘Est’ model.

As the name would suggest, the architecture range by Catuma focuses on bold metal statements to modernise class styles and make them street-style worthy. The ‘Scirocco Col’ takes the aviator style and incorporates modern architecture through distinctive metal temple bars. The style includes gradient coloured lenses and comes in red, gold, black and silver. A similar style is offered in the brand’s optical eyewear range, known as the ‘Maestrale Col’ style. The most futuristic of the Architecture sunglasses range is the the ‘Ponente Col’ style, which features tinted gradient rounded square lenses with a crane inspired metal temple bar. The nature-inspired legs of the frame give the model a 70s feel, that can make a statement with any look. For the minimalist who wants to infuse the architecture style into their eyewear, the ‘Levante Col’ model does just that while keeping a simple colour theme on the frames to match the gradient tinted lenses.

Catuma’s ‘custom’ line focuses on sleek and minimalistic optical frames available in classic black and tortoiseshell, along with more vibrant lime green, sunshine yellow and cloud grey. The thicker style of round glasses is a fun and modern twist on the classic style, making them the perfect choice for those with a square face as they contrast with a strong facial feature. 

The brand’s ‘frequency’ sunglasses range incorporates vintage glamour with bold structural design through thick frames. The ‘Frequency Elf8’ are the boldest style in the range, taking the classic cat-eye and adding sharp contrasting detailing at the corners, which truly give the illusion of actual cat eyes, along with the blue to green gradient lenses. The style is also available in tortoiseshell and bronze, along with black and black and turquoise green. For the retro lover, the ‘THF300’ model looks straight from the ‘80s with their thick frames and tinted blue, pink and green lenses. The tortoiseshell motif follows through to the ‘frequency’ optical eyewear range, with styles ranging from the classic round glasses with contrasting tortoiseshell and solid coloured frames, and the same boxy square styled frames that are incorporated in the sunglasses portion of the range. 

Another best-selling range by Catuma is their ‘Shadows’ collection, which focuses on contrasting black frames with yellow and grey detailing. The design is inspired with the contrasting between the light and the shadows and is available in diamond, cat-eye, rectangular and round frames. This contrasting black with yellow or grey continues through to the optical eyewear range in this collection, with the ‘Clunect 2’ glasses offering bold yellow contrasting on the frames where the sun would naturally hit the glasses. The ‘Shadows’ collection is perfect for anyone who wants a pair of glasses that are ‘out-of-the-box’ and with the offering of grey instead of yellow contrasting, you can enjoy the collection with a more understated look. 

The final range by Catuma is their ‘Surrealist’ collection, which is inspired by mixing materials such as steel, stone, granite and acetate to produce sensually elegant optical eyewear and sunglasses. This collection is overall the most original, with a sharp use of colour contrasting against grey frames with tinted gradient lenses. The most noteworthy style in this collection is the ‘Intexture’ frames, which takes the classic round glasses and reinvents them through reinventing the lenses. The lenses are broke up into three sections, and feature a top colour, the large centrepiece and then lower striped detailing. These are available with green, red and purple colouring, offering something to complement every complexion.

Catuma also offers two special edition sunglasses, their ‘Elsa Schiaparelli’ sunglasses, a tribute to the famous Italian designer of the 1930s, and the ‘Eileen Gray’ sunglasses, which are a tribute to an architect who pioneered the modern movement. All Catuma eyewear products come with collectable cases to protect your product and are both a product of artisan craftsmanship and environmental sustainability. 

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