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Today I want to talk to everyone about the things to look for when visiting an optical shop or vision clinic. One Vision is not only an optical shop in Broken Arrow with a massive selection of frames, but also a vision clinic in Broken Arrow. Eye exams or an eye doctor should not be the sole determining factor. They should have a large selection of frames to choose from. The optical shop or vision clinic should inquire if you have any insurance to work with such as VSP, Eyemed, Spectera, Superior, Soonercare, PVCS… If you are working with one of those insurances then the insurance company will dictate what they will charge for certain products or upgrades. If you are not working with any insurance ask about deals or specials.


Most people begin by looking at the frames, but I would prefer to talk about the lenses with patients first to get a better idea of what frame I am wanting to find. The reason is your prescription will make a difference on what frame we should choose. If you are getting a plastic lens do not even think about getting a semi rimless or drill mount frame because I can almost guarantee you the lenses will chip within a year. Trivex is a much better material for those types of frames. The sales person helping you should discuss the pros and cons to the different materials. They should inquire about what you will be using the glasses for to help you meet your needs. Do you need bifocals or a progressive lens. These are items that will have an impact on the frame we would want to choose.

Large Frame Selection

Now that we know what lenses you need we can look towards the frames. Optical shops should have a large selection. We have around 2,000 in our optical shop. The frames should be comfortable. You don’t want them to be too tight, but too loose is obviously a problem as well. You also want them to look good on you too. People often forget to take a selfie and text it to friends for their advice. That is an easy way to get a second or third opinion. I will discuss both lens materials and frame selection more in a future post, but that is a broad picture of things to think about.

One Vision has the largest selection of frames in Broken Arrow and the largest selection of frames in Tulsa. Designer frames can been seen.

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Optical shop or vision clinic in Broken Arrow with large frame selection.

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