Hello everyone. I hope you are having a great day here in Broken Arrow.

Hello everyone. I hope you are having a great day here in Broken Arrow. Today I want to talk about sports vision and contact lenses. During the eye exam we talk about multiple options regarding the individual and the sport they play, but I am going to cover some of the thought process today. I am also going to focus on softball and baseball today since that is the season that is kicking off. I will talk more specifics about other sports around their respective seasons.

When it comes to baseball/softball I tend to encourage my patients to wear contact lenses with sunglasses over top. The reason I like the contact lenses is because it will give them better side vision, more stable vision, easier to wear the safety equipment, and you can wear “cool” sunglasses.

When it comes to the contact lenses I prefer single use lenses in my baseball/softball players. This means you put in the contact lens and take it out at the end of the day and throw it away. This is nice because if we have a lot of dust and dirt in the air that gets thrown away with the contact at the end of the day. Also, this allows the ability to throw a few spares in their bag so in the event they lose a contact lens they have a spare already set up to go. When it comes to brand I prefer the Acuvue brand at this time because they have UV protection built into them. I still encourage some good sunglasses over top of the contacts to help with glare and extra protection from UV.

The way the contacts give better side vision is because the contact lens sits directly on the eye and when we look to the side it travels with us and we don’t have to worry about looking through the edge of the frame.

The way contact lenses help stabilize your vision is by not having something moving even if slightly while you run. It doesn’t matter good the frame fits to your face it will always bounce just a little.

It is pretty obvious how it will help with wearing other helps and head protection if you don’t have a frame to contend with.

Lastly, it allows you to get some cool Oakley sunglasses. There are other brands, but if you haven’t watched the video about the Oakley prism baseball technology you really need to check it out.

As always thanks for taking the time to read this and have a great day.

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