Hello Tulsa and Broken Arrow.

Hello Tulsa and Broken Arrow. I hope everyone is enjoying the rain. Today I wanted to talk a little about the recent legislature around eye care here in Oklahoma. I have been asked more legislative questions during eye exams in Broken Arrow over the last year than I thought I would be asked my entire career as an Eye Doctor.

The sheer amount of political controversy around eye care surprised me when I was in school. Maybe it shouldn’t have, but it did.

To provide some background information to become an Eye Doctor (Optometrist) you must graduate from Optometry school, pass 3 parts of National Boards, and then pass State Boards. Every state has different rules on what an Eye Doctor can or can’t do. Most states are expanding what the Eye Doctor can do to be more like Oklahoma.

That may surprise most of you based on the SQ 793 information rolled out almost a year ago. One of the big concerns with 793 was that it would give corporations too much control over the Eye Doctor. It would have allowed corporations like Walmart, Eyemart Express, Pearle Vision, Stanton Optical, Lenscrafters… to have their CEO control and dictate what the Eye Doctor would do. Thankfully it was not passed and the voters in the Tulsa area were credited as being the voters that really kept it from passing. Well, new legislation is being passed that is a compromise over what Walmart wanted and what Eye Doctors in Oklahoma wanted. It is a good thing for consumers and a good thing for patients. This new legislature keeps Broken Arrow eye exams consistent across the board and keeps Broken Arrow Eye Doctors being regulated by our medical board and not corporations.

Thank you all for the continued support of One Vision and all the questions. If there is anything you would like me to discuss please email or call us.

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