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As an eye doctor in network with SoonerCare Insurance, I have to be familiar with all the rules or guidelines that apply. I will discuss some of those rules in this article. Now understand that SoonerCare can change those rules tomorrow, but here is information about SoonerCare in the current environment.

Dr Thirion performing a children's eye exam on a patient in network with soonercare. Best Eye Doctor Broken Arrow.

SoonerCare Guidelines

SoonerCare has a goal to make sure no-one is without their needed vision correction because of financial reasons. Eye examinations with SoonerCare are covered for individuals under the age of 20 and SoonerCare will cover glasses as well for individuals under the age of 20. If you are over the age of 20, then SoonerCare will only cover the examination for medical reasons such as allergies, dry eyes, headaches, diabetes, or other eye conditions.

What Does SoonerCare Cover for Kids

SoonerCare covers a yearly examination and any requested follow ups by your Eye Doctor or Optometrist. SoonerCare will also cover a pair of glasses. This includes both lenses and frames. The lenses are to be polycarbonate material. The frame are expected to last 1 year, but if broken SoonerCare will cover an additional frame. One Vision has a large selection of SoonerCare glasses.

Dr. Thirion a pediatric eye doctor doing a pediatric eye exam.

What Does SoonerCare Cover for Adults

When it comes to adults SoonerCare will cover the examination for a medical reason. In other words, SoonerCare will cover the examination if you have eye allergies, dry eyes, glaucoma, diabetes, cataracts, or any other eye disease. It doesn’t help with glasses for anyone over 20 currently.

Eye Doctor in Network with SoonerCare Tulsa

Most of the Eye Doctors in Tulsa and Broken Arrow are in network with SoonerCare. With over 70% of kids in the Tulsa area on SoonerCare it makes sense that SoonerCare would be the first vision insurance most Eye Doctors would apply to get in network with.

Summary of Eye Doctor in Network with SoonerCare

One Vision is proud to be an Eye Doctor in network with SoonerCare. Our Eye Doctors became Eye Doctor’s to help people and as an Optometrist in network with SoonerCare we can do just that. If you want to learn more about SoonerCare you can visit their website here. Lastly, if you want to compare SoonerCare insurance to other insurances commonly used with Eye Doctors then check out this insurance review.

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